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Solidario Actor Danny Glover denuncia el silencio de los medios corporativos sobre el caso de los 5 cubanos / ver Video

International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5
Danny Glover Denounces the Silence of the Corporate Media on the Cuban 5

We are happy to present a new YouTube calling for the freedom of the Cuban 5 by Danny Glover, the beloved US actor and activist, who has visited Gerardo Hernandez several times in the US penitentiary in Victorville California, where he is serving his unjust sentence.   
Photo: Bill Hackwell

In a recent article, written by Danny and Saul Landau after their latest visit to Gerardo, they described the last moments as they were leaving the visiting room of the prison. "2:30 PM - Departure time, the most excruciating part of visiting Gerardo Hernandez. A prison guard announced: "Visiting hours are over." Gerardo lined up against the wall with the other inmates. We stood with wives, children and mothers. Finally, the electronically controlled, heavy metal door opened. Gerardo held up a triumphant fist. We did the same. He stayed in Hell (13 years now). We left." 
Danny Glover on the Cuban 5
Danny Glover's Press Conference 
on the Cuban 5
In this latest YouTube Danny uses a touch of irony to expose the media silence around the case and encourages independent media to pick up on the injustice of the imprisonment of the Cuban 5. We cannot rely on the corporate media to cover the case because when they do it is filled with the biased anti Cuba hatred that we have grown accustomed to.

We ask you to post the video on your webpage, facebook, twitter and to send it to any alternative media you can think of. And also please forward it to all your friends so it can reach out to thousands of people who have been denied the truth about the Cuban 5. 

If you cannot access the YouTube from this bulletin click on the following link

International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5
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